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Polaris Consulting specializes in the field of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Auditing, VAT Consultancy, Project Financing, Investment and Asset Management.

Polaris Consulting works with a chosen selection of software solutions for Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing / Production, and Property Management, which provide complete ease of management by streamlining their processes.

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Bookkeeping Service
Bookkeeping, Accounting and CFO services
Project Financing and Investments
‘Tidy Stock – Inventory and Manufacturing’
Accounting & ERP Services
Accounting & ERP Services
Project Financing and Investments
‘Project Financing and Investments’

Bookkeeping, Accounting and CFO services

Our system is a comprehensive system of applied creativity that connects a process of creative problem solving with skills and tools to make that process work.

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Accounting Software


Xero is the only software that you need to take care of all your accounting related problems. This one solution helps you to streamline and get relevant reports as you may please. The wonders of Xero are, many call us and explore more.

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Hartmann tresore middle east
HARTMANN TRESORE Middle East LLC has been working with Mr. James Paulraj for many years and we have built a very close working relationship. Mr. Paulraj is a Professional Certified Accountant who helps us to make our life easier. Accounting work requires a meticulous and detailed-oriented eye. His analytical skills, his industry knowledge, his time management, his spreadsheet proficiency and his accuracy in reporting helped us to maintain a proper bookkeeping. We have always been very pleased with the service that we have received from Mr. James Paulraj and we can highly recommend him without any hesitation.
Mr. Reiner Kaltenbach
General Manager, Hartmann Tresore Middle East L.L.C.
General Manager, Advanced German Products L.L.C.
automobile workshop businesses
Mr. James was providing services as CFO for our manufacturing, car rental, automobile workshop businesses and we highly value his services in guiding and mentoring our accounting and operations team.
Mr. Sanjay Sachan
Director, Master Group of Companies
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What makes us one of the best accounting and auditing firms in Dubai?

One of the main areas of Polaris Consulting's expertise is an Audit. Using our risk-oriented approach, we'll give you more than just an audit of the accuracy of your finances. Be it for regulatory purposes, reports for banks, we specialize in audits for Small and Medium businesses. With the Corporate Tax on the horizon in UAE, we provide top-quality Audit services for our clients.

Being one of the most reputed Accounting and Auditing firms in Dubai, we will provide you with top-quality and comprehensive audit services. While doing so, our intention is to add value to our client's business all the time. Since we happen to be one of the most well-known auditing companies in Dubai, we’re interested in detecting risks that you might encounter, apart from comprehending your company’s economic situation. We will provide you with professional services satisfying the highest global as well as national standards.

Your best partner in the audit of companies of every size

Since we happen to be one of the best VAT consultants in Dubai, we can boast of having audit customers comprising family-owned businesses plus small and medium businesses having operations across the country. The on-site experts of our company are eager to provide you with their comprehensive knowledge, experience, as well as industry know-how via quick decision-making and communication. As one of the most reliable tax firms in Dubai, our company coordinates the efforts made by our engaged professionals in the fields of Legal Advisory, Audit, BPO, and Tax Filings, plus IT consulting. We, at Polaris Consulting, will provide comprehensive support and consulting from just one source only.

Reasons to come in touch with us:

  • We help to ensure financial reliability and integrity.
  • We establish compliance with statutory laws and regulations.
  • We take measures to safeguard assets while reducing the prospects of fraud.
  • We ensure productivity enhancement in operations.

Our vision

Being amongst the most trustworthy accounting and auditing firms in Dubai, we have got agile and multidimensional teams that are known to combine conventional expertise like accounting, professional teaming, and scepticism with comprehensive knowledge and experience in innovative domains like analytics automation. As one of the best auditing companies in Dubai, we are of the notion that by working with the customers collaboratively, our company will be able to apply its best skills to each and every engagement.

Thus, we can be aptly regarded as one of the most dependable tax firms in Dubai and the best VAT consultants in Dubai right now.