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Tidy Stock


Inventory Management Software

Streamline processes and improve efficiency:

  • Create quotes, sales and purchase orders in a click, print packing slips
  • Make quick work of invoicing, key information automatically filled in
  • Create sales and purchase orders on the road, in the workshop or warehouse, from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Improve cashflow with regular invoicing

Empower your team to deliver superior customer services:

  • Increase visibility across your organisation with comprehensive reports
  • Use Tidy from at anytime, anywhere. It’s 100% cloud-based
  • With your data stored in the cloud, customer information is easily available whenever you need it

Integrate with useful apps

  • Make short work of invoicing and improve your cash flow by sharing transactions with Xero
  • Easily create and manage an online store with TidyCommerce
  • Improve collaboration and communication by integrating Microsoft Office 365 tools, including Project and Teams

Take advantage of our inventory management software Dubai

It is a fact that an effective inventory management & Manufacturing Solutions - Authorized Partner, operation can be quite challenging; however, we at Polaris Consulting will provide you with certain systems that will aid in removing plenty of stress from the process. Our TIDY Stock inventory management software Dubai will help the small and medium businesses to stay in the competition while it will be feasible for the bigger companies to cope with complicated daily operations easily.

Benefits of using our inventory management software Dubai

  • Helps to make it easy to manage inventory
  • Ensures order fulfilment and meeting deadlines
  • Guarantees you better business negotiations
  • Provides you with substantial savings from stock control
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced visibility

Make use of our efficient inventory management software

Our TIDY Stock inventory management software Dubai helps manufacturers/retailers/projects to have a complete view of all the materials in their stores. It likewise helps to make the process of invoicing very simple since important information is filled in automatically. Moreover, the application helps in improving cash flow with regular invoicing as well as creating quotes, purchases and sales orders without any problem whatsoever.