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Xero is the only software that you need to take care of all your accounting related head-aches. This one solution helps you to streamline and get relevant reports as you may please. The wonders of xero are many call us and explore more.
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Features – Beautiful Accounting

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  • Contacts and Smartlists
  • Send invoices – online
  • Quotes and Sales Invoices
  • VAT complaint
  • Payroll, periodic run
  • Online Filing System
  • Reporting
  • Manage Inventories
  • Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Claim expenses
  • Accept payments direct
  • Maintain Fixed Assets
  • Secure Data Protection
  • Multi-currencies
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Mobile apps – access anywhere
  • Track Projects – assign expenses

XERO Accounting Package

AED 74 /Month (Unlimited Users)
  • XERO Accounting - Web Based - Single currency
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime - PC/Mobile Tick
  • Safe and Secure Tick
  • Easy to use accounting Tick
  • Accounting - G/L, AR, AP, Inventory, Banking Tick
  • VAT Complaint Tick
  • Budgeting and Financial reporting Tick
  • Fixed Assets Tick
  • Single - Currency Tick
    Note : Multi-currencies option available
  • Files Storage / Documents Management wrong
  • Contacts and Smart Lists for CRM Tick
  • Dashboard reporting Tick
  • Projects Accounting * additional subscription
AED 111 /Month (Unlimited Users)
  • XERO Accounting - Web Based - Multi-currency
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime - PC/Mobile Tick
  • Safe and Secure Tick
  • Easy to use accounting Tick
  • Accounting - G/L, AR, AP, Inventory, Banking Tick
  • VAT Complaint
  • Budgeting and Financial reporting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Multi - Currency
  • Files Storage / Documents Management
  • Contacts and Smart Lists for CRM
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Projects Accounting * additional subscription

Why use Xero Accounting Software Dubai?

Xero Accounting Software Dubai is a secure, cloud-based accounting software intended to help small, medium and developing companies. Being a web-based platform, it will be possible for users to access the software from any location, through their mobile or computer devices, with just a stable Internet connection.

Benefits of using Xero Accounting Software

Xero Accounting Software provides some remarkable accounting features enabling small and medium businesses to view their account details, cash flows, as well as transactions from just about any location. It helps to connect companies with their advisors and provides instant visibility to the business owners into their present financial position.

We make use of Xero

We at Polaris Consulting, are XERO Certified and provide our competent accounting services using this cloud-based Xero Accounting Software Dubai. It helps us to minimize the time needed for communicating any information to our customers. We use this software to our advantage which helps to simplify the accounting and bookkeeping procedures of our clients. The software helps to make the financial information of the customers secure and the process of decision-making is also fast-tracked. This will help one to gain access to important financial information immediately. There is no need to be restricted by geographical location anymore since one can work from any location anytime.