About Us

Polaris Consulting FZCO brings quality and economical services and solutions in the field of accounting and client centric software solutions. Polaris Consulting is managed by professionals with extensive experience across multiple industry segments.
Along with product and services deliverance, we keep in mind client’s interest, who in turn are likely to be associated with us long term for existing and additional requirements, as we deliver measurable results and be an integral part of their success stories.
We specialize in serving our clients in the field of Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, CFO Services, Auditing Services, Tax Consultancy Services, Accounting Software and ERP solutions, Investment and VAT Advisory, Information Technology (IT) services, collaborative technologies and MIS Reporting solutions. For these offerings, we are partnered with reputed international providers for products and services, ensuring highest quality products and services deliverance with an emphasis on cost optimization ensuring effective and tangible ROI for clients.
Accounting Software and ERP Solutions
Polaris Consulting, is backed with a team of experienced professionals across multiple functional and international markets we bring fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engaging challenge across both strategic and operational functions.

While we strive to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions, we constantly ask the questions ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ to ourselves and clients alike.

‘Why’ is to ask questions on available process options and justify a solution, that reasonably fits into the client’s long-term business strategy as we believe there is always a simpler way of doing things that deliver desired results.

‘What’ is to determine what solutions and processes are suitable for the organization with the perspective of existing available solutions and resources, thus zeroing in on the solutions which enable to bridge the gap between the past and future.

‘How’ is to establish Intra-company, inter-department processes that are workable, scalable, and adaptable to the client’s ever-changing business requirements, with an emphasis on compliance and internal controls.


James Paulraj

James Paulraj
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), M.B.A (Finance)

An experienced Finance Professional and ERP consultant with proven record of leading and establishing financial and cross-functional partnerships to deliver stellar results for more than 28 years. Strategic leader, established systems and processes, enabled business functions, seamless co-ordination between departments, designed of measures and reporting functions.

Managed requirements to fulfill business needs, assisted with business cases, spearheaded process improvement initiatives, handled resources, assessed client needs, nurtured client relationships, supported and motivated project teams, predicted risk factors, identified and resolved conflicts.

Core Competencies: Financial Management, Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting, Business Analysis and Process Reengineering, ERP implementation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), System Process and Controls, Cross Functional Integration, Risk Management and Mitigation.